In a slight departure from more typical Motive projects, this case study explores the application of a Crane Loaded Under Rollers Package for the installation of semi ridged waste disposal pipework.



350Te Crane Loaded Under Rollers package x 3

2.5m Overboarding Chute

5Te Tensioner & HPU Package



The work to replace a wastewater pipeline (almost 6km long) took place on the spectacular Lake Königssee for our client BBT Freimoser – a German-based civil engineering and construction contractor chosen to execute the overall scope by the local municipality.

Photo courtesy of BBT Freimoser

Our client approached Motive for support in supplying equipment and personnel for the pipelay operations, and planning of a suitable concept for laying the new pipeline utilising a pontoon system.

A critical aspect lay in the selection and deployment of appropriate pipelay equipment to ensure efficient and optimised operations, while minimising disruption to the environment, and costs to the client.


In close consultation throughout with BBT Lead on the project: Kathrin Scholl, Motive proposed a deck layout for an under-roller system that would reduce the footprint of overall equipment required, while offering a very efficient execution of operations.

The Motive 350Te crane-loaded under-rollers package enabled reels to continuously operate in one run, with all reels being loaded quayside at mobilisation due to the pipe having to be laid continuously with welded connections.

The under-rollers worked as an efficient assembly line whereby the pipeline could be circuited down the barge, routed through a 5Te Tensioner to provide constant tension and control to the line, before deploying to the lake bed via an overboarding chute.


Completed during Winter 2022, Motive provided a team of 8 multi-disciplined Operators to cover 24-hour shifts for the entirety of the project through to demobilisation. The successful teamwork resulted in the actual relocation taking place in just 25 hours.

As a previous client of Flowline Specialists (acquired by Motive Offshore Group in 2020), this was the first time BBT Freimoser and Motive collaborated, so it was particularly vital to work in close communication from the outset, building a strong working relationship. Motive ensured client requirements were completely understood, and that our proposed solutions fully aligned with expectations.

Our teams worked flawlessly to deliver a successful project together, with our client expressing satisfaction with the equipment and services delivered, and the proactive approach taken by Motive.


Motive-proposed solution saves time and deck space


Focused partnership, working cohesively together


Efficient relocation completed in just 25 hours

Due to the very good experiences in 2015 with Flowline Specialists, we were very happy to have such an experienced partner at our side. There were even some familiar faces from 2015 on the team, which made the work even easier. The cooperation worked smoothly right from the start, hand in hand, and very focused. We were able to successfully complete a more than impressive and demanding project (by working in a national park) in a very short time and thank Motive Offshore Group for the pleasant cooperation."

- Kathrin Scholl, Managing Director @ BBT Freimoser

Full cycle - as well as creative rental packages that deliver, Motive offers bespoke engineering, equipment servicing and overhaul, and comprehensive certification and inspection services.

This project demonstrates Motive capabilities delivering projects across multiple sectors. Using an innovative approach, Motive and our client collaborated to overcome several barriers to execute the project seamlessly - a testament to our professional project teams. We look forward to working with BBT Freimoser again."

David Leith, Rentals Division Manager @ Motive Offshore Group