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Motive APAC (Motive) was contracted in 2021 by CWind Taiwan (CWind) to provide cable handling equipment and expert personnel services as part of the latter’s Balance of Plant contract for the Changfang and Xidao Projects.

The 589mw Changfang and Xidao Offshore Wind Farms (CFXD OWF) are set to provide clean energy to millions of homes in Taiwan over the next 20 years, and this opportunity saw Motive deliver its first complete cable handling solution in-country.


CWind Taiwan is a joint venture between CWind Ltd. and International Ocean Vessel Technical Consultant (IOVTEC), providing crew transfer vessels, offshore technicians, construction and O&M services, and training to the Taiwanese offshore wind farm industry.

As part of the Global Marine Group who have worked with Motive for a number of years, CWind were already familiar with Motive’s strong track record in the APAC region on Offshore Wind Projects, and of Motive’s plans to directly invest in the area in 2021 with its new Taiwan base: the Motive Renewables Hub.

This led to Motive’s selection by CWind as a project partner who could successfully deliver a fully managed work scope for cable handling equipment.


Utilising all aspects of Motive service lines - from design and engineering, through to site management - the project required the supply of equipment and personnel to carry out cable transfer from a vessel onto quayside reels, the design and manufacture of two modular 9.2m diameter reels, and a custom Reel Carrier System to transport the reels from quayside to the CWind storage yard.

The reels were engineered in-house by Motive and transported direct to CWind for re-assembly by Motive personnel onsite, who also assisted with the transpooling of inter-array and export cables.

Motive’s reel solution allowed a quicker and easier mobilisation, enabling our client to deliver a comprehensive solution from Cable Repair to Balance of Plant, Operation and Maintenance services.


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When evaluating subcontractors for cable storage we sought a solution that gave us flexibility in storage location and responsiveness for supporting our end-Client for any potential future cable repairs. Motive’s innovative solution delivers this flexibility, and their localisation strategy aligns closely with CWind Taiwan’s ambition to be the leading, domestic Balance of Plant maintenance contractor in Taiwan.

- Tom Manning, General Manager @ CWind Taiwan
Cable Handling CFXD
C Wind 9 2m Reels 2
C Wind 9 2 reels

The greatest hurdle to any transpooling work scope is the uncertainty of numerous schedules, and project success hinges on being able to effectively co-ordinate around this. Cable laying vessels are prone to a frequently changing docking time, and the climate plays an important role in determining actual transpooling progress. Assembling heavy lifting equipment, personnel, and relevant working permits all in one place can be challenging.

Motive personnel are highly experienced in responding to fluctuating schedules, and expertly co-ordinated on this project delivery, which completed in Q3, 2022. The nature of Motive equipment and flexibility of our personnel being on-hand meant demobbing and remobilisation could be carried out very efficiently in response to changes.


By creating a fully streamlined solution, with access to specialised services via a multi-disciplined task force, and the provision of a full range of marine and offshore equipment, Motive ensured our client benefitted from both time and cost-efficiencies.

Our Taiwanese Renewables hub was established to support larger-scale scopes by utilising our local presence to offer more efficient, sustainable solutions to our client base. It was a pleasure to work with the CWind team and other key stakeholders on the CFXD OWF cable handling scope and we look forward to supporting CWind Taiwan in the future.

- Eddie Moore, Regional Director @ Motive APAC

As the offshore wind industry develops, it increasingly looks to its supply chain to deliver greener, more sustainable solutions that equally deliver on cost-optimised advantages. As a multi-sector, end-to-end provider, Motive is in a unique position to do just that.

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Motive APAC officially set up its Taiwan base in 2021, with an Operations yard near Changhau Port and Motive Offshore Group’s first renewables hub in nearby Taipei.

The centre is dedicated to servicing the offshore wind sector across the region, acting as a one source supplier to tackle local supply chain challenges by providing a unified source of expertise for all operational requirements.

A move further enhanced with the formation of the Subsea Cable Alliance (SCA) – a collaboration between Motive Offshore Group, PanGeo Subsea and
V-TES Renewables, adding electrical engineering and marine geophysical-geotechnical surveying specialisms to the portfolio of services available from the Renewables Hub.


CWind Taiwan, a joint venture between CWind and International Ocean Vessel Technical Consultant (IOVTEC), provides crew transfer vessels, offshore technicians, construction and O&M services, and training to the Taiwanese offshore wind farm industry. Sustaining cooperation with join ventures, CWind Taiwan is committed to taking real action to realise the vision of industrial localisation.