We play our part.

Always working to protect, enhance, and transform the environment we work within, our strategic vision and commitment to environmental, social & governance (ESG) principles and sustainable solutions has never been clearer.

We are part of the solution.

By protecting our environment and addressing opportunities to create sustainability, we are delivering long-term value for our clients.

Driven by meaningful action, Motive focuses on innovative solutions that increase efficiencies and enhance ESG performance for all.

By investing in developing a clean energy product range of mobile, off-grid systems, we are enabling the industry to make the necessary changes to meet environmental targets on the road to net zero.

Underlining our commitment to supporting the offshore wind market in Asia, Motive APAC established in 2021 with the launch of a Renewables Hub in Taiwan. Operating within the region since 2018, Motive has been involved in every landmark offshore wind project on the island to date, providing cable handling and lay services. This new facility - Motive’s flagship Far East base - provides access to the Subsea Cable Alliance (SCA), an entity offering a full cable installation solution, driving efficiency through a locally-managed, single source.

Working to reduce both our own environmental footprint and that of our clients, Motive delivers on its commitment, enabling vessel emissions reduction via reliable and efficient equipment, and a multi-disciplined workforce to lower POB and maintenance requirements.

Motive is continually working to evolve our practices, and monitor and improve our Environmental KPIs, ensuring compliance with the highest standards.


All our global bases work to Environmental KPIs that reduce our impact through lean manufacturing techniques and waste reduction.


Generate 75% revenue from non Oil & Gas sectors by 2025


Our list of green credentials include a recycling strategy, investment in resource-efficient appliances, and encouraging green commuting.

Motive has never been more serious about its ambitions – we will always strive to do more as a company, to achieve more as individuals, and to play our part to deliver a better future for all.

Dave Acton, CEO