Tasked with creating an efficient means to lay umbilical in ultra-shallow waters that ruled out a more conventional topside approach, Motive developed a bespoke subsea deployment solution.


PEOPLE > multi-disciplined team deliver first subsea deployment in Middle Eastern waters

PLANET > mitigating the deployment risk, delivering the least invasive solution for the seabed

PRODUCT > engineered solutions to overcome environment challenges where a conventional approach isn't possible

Based in Sharjah since 2016, Motive Offshore Group has gained an enviable reputation for delivering creative solutions to meet clients' requirements on time, and within budget.

Over the years, Motive has built considerable expertise delivering inventive solutions where a more traditional approach is impractical, or even impossible.

One such project for a long-term client involved Motive being tasked with designing a solution to lay umbilical in ultra-shallow waters in the Middle East. The product could not be laid conventionally due to a depth of only 4m and an extremely soft foundation, instantly ruling out the use of a topside deployment, so in close consultation with the client we worked together to develop a workable solution.


The client was required to lay umbilical for a subsea project in the Middle East around an obstructed and complicated route, incorporating two 90-degree bends.

Not only was the route complex to navigate, but the project location was in ultra-shallow depths of only four meters, with a seabed of extremely soft foundation.

Our client came to us seeking advice on a workable approach.


Motive provided the solution of a subsea deployment frame with a bespoke turntable and 5.8m pallet, featuring a wider design modification to the turntable base to give a low centre of gravity helping stabilise the load on the soft seabed, along with customised mud mats.

During the job, the turntable was relayed around the lay route with the help of the clients’ multi-purpose mooring barge. The method involved aligning the turntable beside the barge mooring winch, carefully laying the product on one side of the winch wire, and moving around to collect from the other side, a process repeated along the entire lay route, placing appx 200m of product.

A Motive Offshore Technician accompanied the equipment on-location, advising on best lay practice, and the spooling from transport reel to subsea turntable and pallet was also completed onshore by Motive Technicians.

Watch the deployment frame in action


Motive has a highly skilled team, where creative problem-solving comes naturally. Our people are continually thinking ahead of the job and approach every project with a ‘what else can we do?’ attitude.

With full in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, and a team of multi-disciplined technicians, Motive can guarantee the best on every project.