Port of Blyth: Full steam ahead for Motive quayside facility

23 MARCH 2023

Motive Offshore Group first established the Motive Northeast England Hub in the Port of Blyth during 2021.

Building on its growing presence within the area, securing premises at the leading offshore energy support base Port of Blyth enables Motive to bring its full range of rentals, engineering, and spooling & inspection services to the region doorstep.

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(Photo credit: Port of Blyth)

In a reactive, fast-paced industry where flexibility and speed of service are vital, the new Hub within the Port of Blyth enables Motive to fully address market demands. On-hand to support vessels whilst in port, and with a base local to our expanding Northeast clientele, creates easy access to a range of essential vessel services.

Consolidating sourcing with a specialist team

The Motive Port of Blyth facility caters for any vessel services including mobilisations, inspection and testing, welding and fabrication, quayside transpooling, deck equipment rental, and pallet and reel storage solutions.

Key to our streamlined services is our multi-disciplined team of specialists. Our range of expertise enables one single team to cover entire work scopes - from installation and commissioning, to testing and operating.

About the Hub

The Motive Northeast England Hub is ideally placed to cover emergency repairs, unexpected equipment requirements, or responsive NDT. Clients can expect a fast, responsive service at their convenience during docking, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Plans for continued development of the facility will eventually see Motive replicate its infrastructure to that of Motive Headquarters at Boyndie, Aberdeenshire.

The facility is managed by Northeast of England Area Manager, Ben Gray who joined Motive Offshore Group in 2020. Ben has a long background in the Engineering industry, most latterly within Project Management for back-deck equipment such as Bow Cable Engines, Tensioners and Turntables, and Reel Drive Systems.

Responsible for the development of Motive’s Port of Blyth base, Ben is focused on building capacity and capabilities within the region, supporting all day-to-day operations across our Rentals, Engineering, and Spooling & Inspection service lines.

Reach out directly to Ben: ben.gray@motive-offshore.com / +44 (0)1670 365445

The Port of Blyth offers everything our combined clientele needs. Perfectly located, with a large, embedded support network creating safe and efficient vessel turnaround times.
The Motive Portfolio of equipment and services has been tailored to this exact marketplace, ensuring we can support the renewables sector and beyond.
Motive Offshore Group and the Port of Blyth share common values, both striving to deliver a high quality service to the offshore energy industry.

- Ben Gray, Area Manager (Northeast England) @ Motive Offshore Group

Motive Offshore Group have been a fantastic addition to Port of Blyth’s mature supply chain, enhancing the Port’s reputation as a leading offshore energy base.
By locating on-site, businesses like Motive can take advantage of having the large cluster of companies that make up the local supply chain on hand to support their activities as well as becoming members of Energy Central.
We look forward to continuing to support Motive as they grow their facility here at the Port of Blyth.

- Alasdair Kerr, Head of Commercial @ Port of Blyth