Umbilical Testing Services

Motive Offshore Group offers an extensive range of umbilical, cable, and subsea asset testing and commissioning equipment and services.

Our team has decades of expertise in providing umbilical inspection and testing solutions across the offshore energy and oil & gas sectors.

Motive supplies all umbilical services including flushing, testing, and splicing of cables and hydraulic lines.

Delivering unique solutions, our in-house team of design and engineering experts has developed a purpose-built integrated Umbilical Testing Container. Designed with QHSE and project efficiency in mind, the Motive Test Container saves space, keeping the deck and platform free of pumps and testing kit.

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Integrated Umbilical Testing Container

In contrast with non-integrated systems, the Motive Test Container arrives on-site, pre-tested, and flushed. There are no pump spreads to build and function test - all pumps and filtration are integrated. Two on-board tanks hold the hydraulic and chemical injection fluids required for most tests. The tanks are already flushed through test pumps and pre-certified to the required standard.

The Motive Test Container is configured to wirelessly monitor the continuity of copper and fibre optic conductors during installation, as well as the pressures within umbilical hose/tubes. The container provides an office space for the Motive Engineer, with all testing parameters measured and monitored in one place.

This “plug and play” system creates a safer working environment, whilst providing better recording and enhanced reliability. Sea-fastened and ready to go to work, vessel time is vastly reduced.