Contracted by Subsea7, Motive AS completed the work scope for Ærfugl Phase 1 within 10 months, including procurement, design, engineering, and testing services.


The five phases completed by Motive’s round-the-clock team:

• Umbilical monitoring during load-out from manufacturer to installation vessel

• Post load-out testing

• Monitoring during lay

• Pre-deployment checks and hook-up testing

• Umbilical system post pull-in test from FPSO and filling of hydraulic flying leads (onshore) EHTF pipeline

In March 2020, Motive AS was awarded its biggest umbilical testing contract to date, supplying a comprehensive services package for Subsea7. Commencing late April 2020, the project was led by the Motive AS team who have over 20 years experience providing umbilical inspection and testing solutions across the offshore energy and oil & gas sectors.


The Ærfugl gas field development is located approximately 210km west of Sandnessjøen in the Norwegian Sea. Discovered in 2000, plans for its operation were approved in 2018.

Those plans included development of six new production wells, in addition to one existing test production well. In 2019, long-standing Motive AS client, Subsea7, was awarded an EPCI contract by Aker BP.

As a member of the Subsea Alliance (Aker BP, Aker Solutions, and Subsea7), Subsea7 invited Stavanger-based Motive AS to tender for a five-phase umbilical testing work scope, encompassing hydraulic, electrical, and fibre optical lines.

AS Case Study1

Efficient Response

With the project to be ultimately deployed via the Seven Arctic and Skarv FPSOs, Motive AS commenced preparation work in March 2020.

A total of 15 weeks’ engineering work was completed prior to mobilisation in late April 2020, including work undertaken at bid stage, which focused on Motive’s proposed engineering methodology.

Pre-mobilisation testing and engineering work was undertaken by Motive’s team of engineers, technicians, and fabricators during this stage. All hydraulic test equipment/spread was pressure tested and flushed clean, in addition to test and mobilisation procedures, kit calibration, document approval, and personnel training.

During mobilisation of the test container onto Seven Arctic, the hydraulic test spread was rigged up and flushed clean.

Integrated testing system for continuous monitoring

Always solutions-driven, Motive’s in-house team of design and engineering experts enables us to build, fine-tune and retain specialist knowledge. This has created an extensive track record in innovative manufacturing, providing the best results for clients.

A highly efficient, time-constrained engineering process resulted in a classically straightforward “Motive” approach. Working on the basis that the simplest solutions often provide the most effective results, Motive’s in-house team developed and manufactured a unique integrated testing system container.

In contrast with other, non-integrated systems, the container has been designed to test fibre, electric and hydraulic cables via one location, providing continuous monitoring during load out, lay, hook up and post-hook up.

Designed with QHSE and project efficiency in mind, the compact umbilical testing container saves space, keeping the back-deck and platform free of pumps and testing kit. The “plug and play” system creates a safer working environment with no lost time incidents (LTIs) throughout the duration of the project, whilst also facilitating quicker mobilisation and demobilisation.

Lean Team, Multiple Efficiencies

Motive’s objective is always to reduce risk and optimise efficiencies through limited interfaces and personnel on board (POB). This is achieved through multi-disciplined, multi-certified personnel who can approach a project from a range of angles. This project deployed a four-man team which operated on a 24 hour, 7 days per week shift basis, across all five phases of the project.

Working closely with Subsea7 to co-ordinate activity, all work and test services were completed according to ISO 13628-5.

Testing Container mob prep 2 web
Testing Container Motive AS Base web 3
Testing Container Inside web5
Testing Container onboard Norway E web

Results: Agile Approach, Collaborative Working

Mobilised and demobilised from NorSea Vestbase in Kristiansund, the project consolidated an already-strong relationship between Motive AS and Subsea7.

Building on 20 years’ of association between personnel, Motive AS has an inherent understanding of Subsea7 working practices, resulting in increased efficiency and safety, as well as effective communication throughout each project.

An already strong working relationship was further enhanced through the mobilisation of a lean and flexible Motive AS team. Led by Project Manager, Trond Nilsen, the team included: specialist Subsea Engineer, Simen Thorgersen; Lead Offshore Technician, Tor Ola Vik who supervised over 80% of the work undertaken; and Mona Danielsen, Motive AS Operations Manager.

This consistent team of just four experts ensured that all personnel involved were embedded across the project lifecycle and fully appraised of each aspect of the workscope for maximum performance, resulting in on-schedule completion.

Reflecting on the team’s outstanding performance during phase one of this project, Motive AS was subsequently contracted to undertake phase two of this project, which commenced in April 2021.