Renewable Power Solutions

As Motive steadily built its international reputation for renewable energy capabilities, developing means for operating more efficiently came naturally...

Motive Renewable Power Solutions were initially designed for unmanned platforms in the offshore oil and gas sector as an alternative to traditional diesel generators.

With energy efficiency and achieving carbon neutrality becoming an important focus for the business world in recent years, the Motive Group has expanded its Renewable Power Solutions offering.

Today our Renewable Power Containers appeal across multiple sectors including construction, leisure, transport, telecoms, rural electrification and, offshore wind, as a less expensive, safer, and cleaner alternative to becoming more sustainable, lowering carbon emissions and off-setting diesel and fossil fuel costs, and in helping companies achieve the journey to Net Zero.

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Available for purchase or rental, our mobile off-grid power systems are fully self-contained, harnessing both wind and solar through small scale wind turbines and solar photovoltaics (PV) panels to capture energy around-the-clock. They can be utilised for either temporary or permanent applications.

Complete with a battery bank, control system and remote monitoring, units can be custom-built to client specification, dependant on working environment, kW load demand, technology requirements, and location-specific needs. Additionally, the containerised model enables easy storage of goods, spare parts, and tooling.

Low maintenance requirements ensure operational costs are significantly reduced, and make our containers a perfect choice for remote, unmanned locations, or powering remote communities across the world. Servicing and maintenance are only required every 2 years from commissioning, backed up with remote data logging.

Designed with marinised technology, our products can withstand extreme weather conditions and offer a 25-year design life.

The containers are modular and future proofed through the ability to be easily inter-linked with multiple power systems, allowing operators to expand on power generation should load demand increase over time.

Greater flexibility is also provided as the power containers can be mains-connected for applications where grid infrastructure is already available, or when a more permanent solution is required.

Motive’s power systems can be deployed as a full turnkey mini-grid for applications or can be retro-fitted and integrated to existing systems that require expansion due to increase in power demand.