The Motive to Reach Net Zero


Renewable Hybrid Power Technology

As the journey towards Net Zero gathers pace, many companies within the offshore energy industry seek to make changes to their operations in order to meet with ambitious environmental targets.

For many, this represents a significant shift in mindset, and they are looking to their energy sector colleague for inspiration and support.

Alternative means of operating more efficiently come naturally to Motive Offshore Group.

Global specialists in the design, manufacture, rental, and inspection of marine and lifting equipment Motive has already gained an international reputation for its renewable energy capabilities, which include an innovative renewable hybrid power container. This mobile, off-grid power system has been developed as an alternative to traditional diesel generators, lowering carbon emissions and off-setting diesel and fossil fuel costs across projects.


The system utilises small scale wind and solar power with a battery bank and control system, providing a complete package which can be fully mobilised and operational within as little as four hours from arrival on-site with the added benefit of remote monitoring regardless of location

The clean energy power containers are custom-built to suit clients’ needs, dependant on working environment, kW load demand and location specific needs. With a 25-year design life, each container provides a multitude of benefits, including the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions due to marine grade wind turbines and solar photovoltaics (PV) panels. The power containers have sufficient internal space for storage of goods, spare parts and tooling which allows operators to utilise the containers in place of additional storage units on site.. A biennial service requirement significantly reduces operational/IRM costs, resulting in lower ownership and personnel costs, as well as reducing the HSEQ risks associated with more frequent maintenance of traditional diesel generators.

Additional technologies can also be integrated within the containers; they are modular and can be inter-linked with multiple power systems, allowing operators to expand on power generation in the event that load demand increases through time. Available with both off-grid or mains connected capability.

As featured by Green Energy Publishing in the September 2021 edition of Wave & Tidal Energy Network magazine.