Motive strikes six-figure deal with Briggs Marine, optimising future offshore operations

09 MAY 2024
Tailored solution for integrated 350Te Spooler package creates operational versatility and agile mobilisation capabilities for future Renewable projects

Motive pull-in winch spread supports decarbonisation project

15 APRIL 2024
Featuring one of our 180Te winches, this recent mobilisation for the Northern Lights JV decarbonisation project was captured in Norway where Motive supported on a 100km pipeline installation that will run to an offshore CO2 storage complex.

New appointment expands Motive Executive Team

13 MARCH 2024
Strategic addition to the Executive Team reflects Motive’s commitment to further enhancing its HSEQ and People functions, driving excellence across the organisation.

Redefining possibilities: Introducing Motive Certification & Inspection

16 JANUARY 2024
We’re excited to unveil a name change as our Spooling & Inspection division rebrands to “Motive Certification & Inspection Limited"

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