Staff Stories: Rimea Wilson

01 MARCH 2024

Staff Stories: Rimea Wilson

Rimea Wilson - Hydraulic Technician Apprentice

Joining Motive in 2022, Rimea was already one and a half years into a Hydraulic Technician Apprenticeship in the marine industry. With valuable experience gained working on fishing boats and a National Certificate and PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) under her belt, Rimea was keen to get started with a Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering.

At this time Motive Offshore Group were advertising for a new Apprenticeship intake. Ambitious, and sensing an opportunity to move into a role where she could get closer to the the Offshore and Renewables sectors, Rimea applied and was successful in securing a Hydraulic Technician Apprentice role.

Workshop Rimea Hydraulics

Based in the Engineering division hydraulics department at the Motive headquarters in Aberdeenshire, Rimea works on projects involving both the manufacture of new hydraulic equipment, and also the refurbishment, servicing, and maintenance of rental fleet assets. She has also enjoyed gaining experience of mobilising with our vessels team here in the UK.

I always knew I wanted to work in Engineering, ever since I was about 9 or 10 years old. Everyone I met during my Motive interview was so friendly and helpful, I felt it would be a great place to work and that I could really learn a lot here.

- Rimea Wilson, Hydraulic Technician Apprentice @ Motive Offshore Group

A key benefit of a Motive Apprenticeship is that it works on a rotational basis, meaning apprentices have the opportunity to experience working across all our departments. Rimea spent time in both the fabrication and electrical shops before returning to hydraulics.

The Apprenticeship involves working full-time and studying on the job, with college assessor reviews submitted online.

What advice would you give to any young person considering an Apprenticeship??

It's definitely worth it! It can seem a long 4 years, but keep your eye on the end goal.

Never be scared to ask anything. There really is no judgement, you are there to learn and everyone around you understands that.


What is the hardest thing to overcome as an Apprentice?

It can be difficult remembering everything as there is so much to learn right from the start - or remembering the order to put things back together! What's important is to find a way of working that works for you, there isn't one single correct approach, you need to find your own feet.

What are you most proud of during your time at Motive so far?

Piping something for the first time by myself without having to ask anything felt amazing!

What are your ambitions over the next few years?

I'm really enjoying life in the workshop and being part of Team Motive - what makes a workplace is the experiences, learning opportunities, and the people you have around you.
Having an opportunity to travel and work in another country at some point in the future would be great too.

Why do you think it is important for companies to offer Apprenticeships?

It's really important apprenticeships continue to be available as options for young people who don't want to go down the university route. These people are the next workforce and apprenticeships offer a perfect way to learn on the job, while passing expertise down through generations. For the companies themselves, apprenticeships are a great way to train and mould people into your ways of working.

Final question! What do you enjoy doing when you're not in work?

I enjoy just chilling out, or getting outside for a walk with my dog. I am a bit of a clean freak and can't relax until everything around the house is done!

- Rimea Wilson, Hydraulic Technician Apprentice @ Motive Offshore Group

Rimea came to us a couple of years ago looking to complete her apprenticeship with Motive. When we interviewed her something stood out about her passion and drive to become a Hydraulic Tech.

When asked some technical questions with regards to hydraulic schematics, Rimea answered well and demonstrated good basic theoretical knowledge of hydraulics, so this was a good sign for us at Motive. Rimea isn’t scared to get stuck in and do a day’s hard graft and is a good team player, she is also not scared to ask questions when unsure.

Rimea is doing really well with hydraulic trouble shooting and micro bore pipe bending - we’re glad to have her on the team.

- David Halkett, Engineering & Rentals Asset Manager (UK & Europe) @ Motive Offshore Group