Staff Stories: Eloisa Antonio

01 AUGUST 2020

Staff Stories: Eloisa Antonio

Eloisa Antonio - Operations Assistant

Before joining Motive, Eloisa enjoyed working as a Sales Coordinator/Executive where her role involved generating leads, customer service, and order processing.

In 2016 Eddie Moore was in the process of opening Motive FZE in the UAE and looking for an experienced candidate to assist with managing projects.

Eloisa was very much up for a challenge and saw the role as a fantastic opportunity to join the brand-new Motive FZE team as Sales Administrator:

Eloisa Antonio

I am a BS Mathematics graduate; the funny thing is my profession is more around being a Teacher, but I have found myself very happy working in Sales and Operations. When I started with Motive, I didn’t have any idea about selling winches, but it was David Nicoll - my first teacher in Motive - who really helped and taught me more about sales, and the Motive equipment.

- Eloisa Antonio, Operations Assistant

Eloisa advises anyone considering working for the Motive Group should make sure they have what she refers to as the “Motive Material Qualities” - hardworking, versatile, and always carrying a happy smile!

What I like most about being ‘Team Motive’ is that we are not just a team, but a Family. We always respect and help each other as a team, rather than competing.

- Eloisa Antonio, Operations Assistant

Eloisa’s strong organisational and mathematical skills have been put to good use in Motive over the years and she has enjoyed opportunities to experience different facets of the business, working initially in sales and then a finance role, and now in our busy Operations Department.

Starting a new branch in another country is never easy and there are many things to do in a short space of time. We needed to bring someone into the business who was motivated and open to covering a lot of bases as the business required. Eloisa joined us and instantly made life better for me and more importantly, for our clients. It has been great to see Eloisa developing her skills as Motive FZE has grown over the last 5 years.

- Eddie Moore, Regional Director, APAC

Asked what she enjoys most outside of work, Eloisa confirmed: “I do love going to the beach, cooking nice food, pampering myself, and singing in the shower (as nobody can hear me!)”

I do want to thank Motive for the opportunity to be part of this team. When I visited the Boyndie HQ in the UK I think this is the best experience I had with Motive. Not only was it a chance to see the beautiful country of Scotland, but also to feel the warm welcome and meet the amazing Motive UK team.

- Eloisa Antonio, Operations Assistant