Staff Stories: Bruce Stuart


Staff Stories: Bruce Stuart

Bruce Stuart - Rental Fleet Manager (UK)

Long-term Motive employee Bruce knows a thing or two about our equipment! With an unrivalled knowledge of hydraulics, and a proactive, can-do attitude, Bruce delivers invaluable support across our global projects.

Originally joining Motive Offshore Group as a Trainee Technician in 2015, Bruce is now Rental Fleet Manager at our Boyndie/UK HQ.

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Ensuring operations efficiency, Bruce oversees the scheduling of assets, as well as regular servicing, testing and maintenance of the fleet, ultimately ensuring all activities comply with our HSEQ procedures.

Eight years on since first joining 'Team Motive', we chatted with Bruce about his journey so far:

What did you do prior to joining Motive?

I started out at college studying CAD/draughting, then went into designing houses as a Timber Kit Design Tech with a major construction company. A couple of years in, I decided to make a career change and moved into Oil & Gas, first as a Trainee Workshop Mechanic and later moving into a Trainee Hydraulic Technician role.

After a couple of years, I made a decision to take some time out to travel and spent over 7 months in Australia and New Zealand, exploring and picking up casual work along the way on farms.

- Bruce Stuart - Rental Fleet Manager

Why did you want to come and work at Motive?

I knew some people who worked at Motive already so had heard a lot about the company, and when I learned there was an opening in the Hydraulics Department this was an area I was keen to advance in, so I decided to apply.

What have been some of your best experiences since joining Motive?

It's been great having the opportunity to travel extensively working with Motive - Saudia Arabia, the UAE, Germany, the Netherlands, Ghana, and the US.

One of the most memorable moments was commissioning three new-build 180Te winches in the Netherlands. The build involved a lot of hydraulic and electrical work, and at the time was the biggest system we'd ever built on a job, so it was great to be part of that.

What are your favourite memories looking back on your early days at Motive?

I was offshore a lot in the beginning. My lasting memory is of the go-getter, "get it done" attitude of the team.

Another one is my blackening - getting ambushed at Boyndie and chased across the fields!

What does your typical day at Motive look like?

I start early - usually around six I'll be out walking the dogs before heading to Boyndie. It's good having a commute minus traffic.

Catching up on emails is the first job, then I'll spend time making up job lists for the day and planning, before running through with the chargehand.

After this it's a case of managing equipment, ensuring any repairs and maintenance are underway, and managing the runway, ensuring everything is running smoothly. It's easy for the day's plans to go awry if everything isn't on point and the right things happening, so it's important in my role to be hands-on, keeping things moving.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

  • Get into property development when you're young
  • Take more risks over playing it safe

What would you say to anyone considering coming to work at Motive?

If you’re willing to progress - there’s progression there!

Last one! What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I rear sheep, enjoy shooting, and at the moment I'm also building a new house.

I like being able to turn my hand to most things.

Get in touch with Bruce and our Rentals team here, or find out more about our rental fleet

Bruce started out with Motive as a Trainee Hydraulic Technician, quickly advancing to the role of Rentals Fleet Manager, with interim Technician and Chargehand positions along the way.

Positive and approachable, Bruce is a fantastic colleague to have - someone you can always depend on.

Bruce has supported projects all over the globe and is an integral part of the Motive team, with an unwavering work ethic and exceptional knowledge of Motive assets.

- David Leith - Head of Projects, UK & Europe @ Motive Offshore Group