New appointment expands Motive Executive Team

13 MARCH 2024

Motive Offshore Group (Motive) is delighted to announce the appointment of Group HSEQ & People Director Kerry Scott to the Executive Team alongside Dave Acton, James Gregg, and Declan Slattery.

This strategic addition to the Executive Team reflects Motive’s commitment to further enhancing its HSEQ and People functions, driving excellence across the organisation.

Kerry brings to the table a wealth of experience, boasting over two decades in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality (HSEQ), and Human Resources (HR). Her impact on Motive has been pivotal, having joined the company eight years ago in the capacity of HSEQ & HR Manager. Kerry's contributions have been instrumental in the development and growth of the organisation.

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Pictured L-R: James Gregg - Declan Slattery - Kerry Scott - Dave Acton

Undecided on a career path when leaving school, Kerry began an administrative role supporting a Health & Safety team within a large energy industry organisation which would set the stage for a career dedicated to the arena. Kerry went on to achieve a range of formal H&S qualifications including IOSH Certified Membership (Institute of Safety and Health), while also making a move into the offshore industry.

I could see right away that Motive were a young company entirely committed to health & safety, and to their People – they just ‘got it’. They were clearly a People-driven organisation, taking the health, safety, and well-being of their employees seriously. The Management team showed a strong desire to continually improve and adapt, understanding they would achieve success through empowering the workforce, involving people in processes and most importantly, by listening.

- Kerry Scott, HR & People Director @ Motive Offshore Group

Joining the Motive team in 2016, Kerry was responsible for leading the global HR function, and providing leadership on all aspects of health, safety, environment, and quality.

Overseeing a step change in ‘owning’ health and safety, by promoting accountability to ensure HSEQ became the responsibility of everyone, Kerry also formalised the human resources function within the company, establishing independent HR and HSEQ departments as the company grew.

I love being part of 'Team Motive', an environment that fosters genuine teamwork and a shared passion for what we do. At Motive, individuality and authenticity are not only accepted, but celebrated - a rarity within an organisation. Throughout the years I have been tempted to follow certain leadership styles that I have been exposed to however, being part of Team Motive helped me realise that it was ok to follow my own style and be myself. As a member of the Executive Team, I am eager to contribute to the growth of the organisation through active participation in the decision-making processes. I am also committed to upholding and championing the values and perspectives of my colleagues.

- Kerry Scott

Kerry is renowned across Motive Offshore Group for championing a People-first culture based around continuous learning, growth, and development. Bringing a unique perspective to the Executive Team, Kerry’s firmly focused growth mindset will further strengthen strategic direction.

Kerry has been a valued member of the Motive team for many years, and we are delighted to welcome her onto the executive team.

With a long background in the industry and deep understanding of our company, Kerry brings an important learning, growth and development focus to this key appointment and will play a vital role in shaping our future direction.

- Motive CEO and co-founder Dave Acton