Motive loading tower goes offshore to Ghana

01 AUGUST 2017

A Loading Tower built by Motive Offshore for Swan Hunter in May this year has gone to work deploying flexible pipe in offshore Ghana.

Operated by Motive technicians, the Tower is aboard the Lewek Constellation sited around 60km from the coast.

Loading Tower and Carousel

The loading tower was the first of its kind designed and fabricated by Motive under a tight schedule. The tower has been tailor-made to meet specific project requirements, including an under-bender chute and height extension sections.

The photos really show the immensity of the construction vessel – spot the personnel!

DSCN1327 1200

Complete with a new-build 10Te tensioner, the system is capable of handling flexible products up to 550mm outer diameter.

In co-operation with Swan Hunter, Motive Offshore have designed, fabricated and operated key items of Swan Hunter equipment including; 15Te horizontal tensioner, 10Te vertical tensioner, 450Te Reel Drive System and 5000Te Carousel Loading Tower. All items delivered have been robustly built to a high quality specification. As required, the Motive team have worked flexibly to achieve demanding delivery schedules. On site, Motive personnel have been diligent and professional when operating equipment to safely deliver the project.

- John Young, Project Engineer Swan Hunter (NE) Limited