GLAD2023 – Lifting the lid on safe, high-quality load lifting

13 JULY 2023

Why Motive is helping spread the word this Global Lifting Awareness Day

Motive is proud to support the fourth Global Lifting Awareness Day (GLAD2023), a campaign driven by LEEA to unite industry stakeholders and end-users in raising awareness for safe and high-quality load lifting.

Safety starts with People.

People become complacent. Things fail. The unexpected does happen.”

At Motive, safety is our year-round mission, and we firmly believe workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone.

Lifting is an integral part of our day-to-day operations such as the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, undertaking lifting operations, and inspecting client lifting equipment. Situational awareness is vital for workplace safety, never more so than during lifting operations where things can change in an instant.

The risks in the lifting industry are of such high consequence that one second can literally change people’s lives forever.

- Kerry Scott - HSEQ & People Director @ Motive Offshore Group

To help in our mission, Motive has embraced the SLAM technique: Stop Look Assess and Manage.

SLAM - a proactive approach to safer working

This simple yet effective approach, similar to ‘stop the job’, is about being mindful and present in the moment, encouraging a proactive mindset towards safety to help prevent accidents and hazards.

  • STOP – the most important step, stop any activity as soon as a potentially unsafe situation or hazard is observed. Promoting a 'stop the job' authority culture within the business.
  • LOOK – Be aware of our surroundings to identify any existing or potential risks to safety.

  • ASSESS – Determine the level of risk and potential consequences to people or the environment.

  • MANAGE – Take steps to control or eliminate the risk.

SLAM is deeply embedded in Motive’s safety culture, defining how we work each day, and serving as a guiding principle across the entire Motive Offshore Group workforce.

Transforming working environments

As our footprint grows, Motive actively confronts any barriers to safety compliance. Regulations, standards, and attitudes can vary across different countries and cultures, in addressing this we foster a strong safety and prevention ethos globally across the Group.

Establishing and maintaining a ‘safety first’ mindset is an ongoing, collaborative effort, achieved through:

  • consistent communication
  • regular safety initiatives and training
  • continually evaluating and improving our safety protocols
  • backing and reinforcement from our Leadership Team

In this way, we ensure workplace safety remains central to all Motive operations.

Prioritising People

The safety and wellbeing of our People is our top priority, and essential in sustaining a strong workplace safety culture.

We want every Motive site to be a safe and productive working environment - where leaders lead by example, employees feel secure and empowered to make safety their top priority, and where safety is ingrained in every aspect of work.

That’s why we support GLAD2023, standing with LEEA and the lifting industry in raising awareness of the risks to help instil a common, safe lifting operating standard across the Globe.

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