A long-term client approached Motive Offshore in late 2020, knowing that our Engineering team has a reputation for producing outstanding work within challenging timescales. The requested work scope, which would usually take approximately three months to deliver, was required within just five weeks.


Fabrication of the Gooseneck Assembly Station (GAS) and Gooseneck Support Frames

Rotation Clamp and Hang-off Collar

Hang-Off Platform and Gooseneck Alignment Frame

The end-to-end scope, which included procurement, design, fabrication and testing activity was divided into three packages:

• Fabrication of the Gooseneck Assembly Station (GAS) and two Gooseneck Support Frames

• Rotation Clamp and Hang-off Collar

• Hang-Off Platform and Gooseneck Alignment Frame

In addition, tensioner chute grillages and an overboarding platform were produced.

Required for a Flexibles installation project in Angola, the limited availability of materials in-country coupled with the imminent project start date, meant our client needed a supplier who could absolutely guarantee fulfillment of the fabrication within the ambitious timeframe, and ready to ship by mid-December.

One Location, Quick Turnaround

With a deadline of just five weeks to complete all three packages, a team of 40 Motive personnel mobilised to operate on a round-the-clock basis at our multi-purpose Aberdeenshire HQ.

Underlining Motive’s flexibility and commitment to the job, our multi-skilled technicians and mechanical engineers undertook this 24/7 project over the festive period, with loadout taking place on 21 January 2021.

Allowing for maximum efficiency across each phase of this project, our well-equipped 3,500sqm facility was the location for all activity. With a large fabrication shop, machine shop, assembly area, painting booth, and testing facilities all under one roof, the team coordinated seamlessly to work at full capacity across each stage, resulting in zero downtime across the project lifespan.

Resourceful in responding and adapting to change, and with a ready supply of spare materials, the Motive team easily accommodated late design changes made to the Gooseneck Assembly Station, as well as additional variation order requirements.

Ensuring the highest levels of efficiency were matched with the highest levels of integrity, all welding activity, including full penetration welding, was subject to 100% ultrasonic testing (UT) carried out in-house.

Quality is never compromised, Motive’s approach to all projects is meticulous regardless of restricted timeframes. Specialists in boring, machining, and drilling, the project’s required machine work was carried out on our own horizontal and vertical borers. Originally installed for the fabrication of winch drums, these have the capacity to efficiently cope with large workpieces and provide consistent drilling results for overall improved product integrity.

From Workshop to Quayside

Due to be loaded out from Peterhead Harbour to reach Angola 4 weeks later, Motive’s logistics team organised the police-escorted, wide-load journey which saw all equipment travel the 40 miles from workshop to quayside.

Our fabrication experts then undertook additional structural work at Peterhead Harbour, assembling those items too large to be transported in a single piece.

Record-breaking Outcome

A regular Motive Offshore customer since 2018, our client had already experienced our flexible, proactive response, as well as our commitment to providing the most efficient, integrated fabrication service available in the marketplace.4

Completed in less than half the normal time allotted for similar work scopes, this represents Motive Offshore’s fastest turnaround on a project of this size, illustrating our ability and motivation to pull out all the stops for our clients – particularly at a time of year when holidays are traditional.

Since January 2021, the same client has awarded Motive Offshore with additional contracts, including vessel mobilisations utilising our mobile workshop containers.

Each 10mx10m container contains eight welding plants, with the capacity to weld and gouge, and a built-in compressor. Easily shipped to wherever required, and with a single operational lift, Motive’s workshop container can be onboard from quayside in less than fifteen minutes – resulting in the safest, fastest mobilisation available.


Ultra-fast, 24/7 project delivery


Multi-skilled team commitment


Workshop containers for rapid mobilisation