Motive has delivered 38 work scopes for JDR to date. The first supported JDR with the provision of a 5Te Tensioner for the load-out of 57.5 kilometres of inter-array cables, marking the beginning of an ongoing supply of tensioner packages and operators, supporting various offshore wind projects.


Established in 1994 JDR, part of the TFKable Group, is a leading provider of subsea production umbilicals, subsea power cables and cable technology, connecting the global offshore energy industry.

JDR had been a long-term client of Flowline Specialists and began working with Motive Offshore Group in 2020 following its acquisition of Flowline.

Motive has to date delivered 38 work scopes for JDR. The first key project supported JDR with the provision of a 5Te Tensioner for the load-out of 57.5 kilometres of inter-array cables.

This marked the beginning of an ongoing supply of Motive tensioner packages and skilled operators, supporting various offshore wind projects.

CASE STUDY 10 JDR 5 Te Tensioner Pkg CCTV
CASE STUDY 06 JDR 5 Te Tensioner CCTV Cable Lay Equipment LS

Multifaceted Project Support

As well as key cable lay and pulling equipment, Motive provides JDR with associated rental equipment such as Bow Cable Engines, Under-rollers, Turntables and Pallets.

A continually evolving rental fleet ensures Motive can deliver progressive solutions. One recent example is the inclusion of a high-definition CCTV package with JDR’s Tensioner rental. This delivered a unique benefit, making it possible for JDR to monitor the visual condition of the product at all times.

Motive also supports JDR with the maintenance and testing of their own equipment, with services provided in accordance with recognised national and international standards, complying with ISO 17025.

During any servicing Motive supplies replacement equipment from our rental fleet ensuring JDR can cover operations without any loss of time.

Motive’s Engineering division has also supported JDR, recently working together to design and manufacture twenty-seven 5.8m pallets. In close collaboration with JDR and their end-client, standard pallets were uniquely modified to meet very specific project requirements.

JDR's strategic collaboration with Motive underscores a robust business approach in the offshore energy sector. With a track record of many successful projects, their synergy ensures operational excellence and cost-effective solutions. Motive's focus on quality equipment supply, rigorous maintenance services, and tailored customer support align seamlessly with JDR's business objectives, driving productivity and competitiveness in the industry.

- Steven Dearlove, Production Engineer @ JDR

We have been fortunate to support JDR for many years, leading to an ingrained sense of teamwork that goes beyond just a client/supplier level.

JDR has a fantastic customer service ethic which as a supplier we align with, delivering a world-leading service for our client base.

The depth of product knowledge at JDR is unrivalled, and their growth plan within the geographical region makes this a very exciting time for the industry and local economy.

- Ben Gray, Area Manager - Northeast England @ Motive Offshore Group

Working with JDR underlines how Motive’s commitment to our clientele goes far beyond maintaining a vendor-supplier status quo.

Our aim is that every interaction with Motive not only enhances our clients’ project, but leaves them wanting to work with us, time and again.

Whether this is achieved through timely service, products exceeding expectation out on the field, or delivering support around the clock, Motive goes all out to ensure the client experience is best-in-class, every time.