Magnetic Rope Testing - unlocking solutions for wire rope inspection

30 JANUARY 2023

Launched in Aberdeen, UK in 2016 the Motive Certification & Inspection division (formerly Motive Spooling & Inspection) has steadily grown, extending our inspection capabilities to meet client requirements across our global bases in the UK, Norway, US, Middle East, and Taiwan.

Today Motive Offshore Group offers an extensive portfolio of certification and wire rope inspection services, including Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods such as Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT).

MRT 96mm x 3100mtrs NOV crane wire rope LMA650 landscape

Beyond the surface: the benefits of Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT)

Motive provides MRT across the lifting and offshore sectors. This NDT method performs an internal rope inspection, identifying any concealed defects or product fatigue. Visual inspection alone is unreliable because rope deterioration frequently starts inside the product, and even external defects can be difficult to pinpoint when wire is covered in grease or dirt.

MRT is a more efficient and less invasive alternative to more traditional inspection methods, helping promote product life and performance, and ensuring wire rope can be retired from service before becoming unsafe or unreliable to use.

With no requirement for the product to be cleaned beforehand and easily carried out onsite, MRT is an efficient approach to wire safety and performance, helping mitigate unexpected rope failures that can lead to costly project delays.

Wire Rope plays a critical role in any operation, its failure dictating potentially severe consequences in terms of safety or financial loss. Organisations can reap the benefits of a proactive and preventive approach to wire rope maintenance through regular inspections that can inform a scheduled replacement programme.

Access to superior technology

Advances in MRT technology have created significant advantages for this method as a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique.

Carried out routinely, the data collected during MRT gathers a valuable record of wire condition, monitoring its sustainability throughout its lifetime in service.

Committed to providing our clients with cost-effective solutions for maximising rope performance and safety, Motive has significantly invested in wire rope inspection technology.

With a comprehensive inventory of Inspection equipment utilising renowned NDT technologies, Motive can perform MRT and Electromagnetic (EMAG) for rope diameters up to 165mm and also carry out wire rope pressure lubrication during the same operation.

MRT Feature 2

Our range of LMA wire rope inspection equipment quantitatively analyses wire, detecting localised flaws and measuring the loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) caused by deterioration or wear and tear. Along with visual inspection, this ensures compliance with ISO 4309.

As well as an extensive range of spooling winches ranging from 6-350Te WLL, Motive has a detailed rope testing and maintenance equipment inventory that includes:

  • LMA-250 Wire Rope Inspection System
  • LMA-300 Wire Rope Inspection System
  • LMA-450 Wire Rope Inspection System
  • LMA-650 Wire Rope Inspection System
  • Viper WRL MID MKII Wire Rope Lubricator
  • Viper Maxi MKII Pressure Lubricator
  • Masto Greasing System

Utilising either ONIX or Motion Kinetic depending on geographical location, our clients have access to inspection software that enables the easy retrieval of records and a complete audit trail of asset servicing.

Motive Certification & Inspection technicians are trained to the highest industry standards, fully certified in accordance with local standards in the countries in which we operate. The delivery of services from a multi-disciplined team with the expertise to cover all requirements ensures a varied work scope can be executed during a single visit, helping keep costs down, and reducing POB and additional supply chain requirements.

MRT Tech LMA450 Feature 4

Expansion of Certification & Inspection service lines globally

Motive Certification & Inspection started out with 3 specialists and a small team of technicians, and today incorporates a global team of 34 experts.

Our Stavanger-based Certification & Inspection team has substantially expanded service lines in the past year to deliver end-to-end Inspection and Certification including wire rope inspection, supply and maintenance; rope access services; umbilical testing; and spooling operations.

The Motive AS team perform all operations in accordance with NORSOK. With Achilles JQS approved supplier status, and as a KIWA-certified S1 Enterprise of competence, the Norway team can carry out first-time certifications and annual inspections.

Our Certification & Inspection division in the Middle East is led by Tony Clark and in 2022 the team quadrupled in size to meet escalating demand for services.

In Taiwan, the Motive APAC team delivers Certification & Inspection services from our dedicated Renewables Hub.

Active in the United States since launching in 2018, the Houston base also hosts a rental fleet and experienced personnel.

Reach out to our global Certification & Inspection team with any questions/requirements.