Move with Motive - Shire to Sharjah

14 JUNE 2021

Move with Motive - Shire to Sharjah

We’re delighted to report that the team smashed our ‘Move with Motive - from Shire to Sharjah and back again’ challenge last month.

Our team of employees from the UK, Norway and the Middle East set out in April to walk, run, cycle - in fact the objective was to ‘get moving’ however you liked (looking at you John Barron and 10 year old Scottish Sports Horse Luke!) - to cover the miles from Boyndie to Sharjah. Once that was completed they decided to keep going and make it a return trip. By mid-May the team had made it and covered an amazing 14,726km.

Cesilie S2 S

Part of Motives’ ongoing initiative to support our employees’ health and wellbeing, our HSEQ Advisor Averil Marwick came up with the idea as a way to keep up the TeamMotive spirit through lockdown, especially with so many of us still working from home.

Here’s what some of the Team had to say about the experience:

I participated in ‘Move with Motive’ as I love challenges and have a well-developed competitive instinct (we were challenged by MSIL). I regularly go for a walk or run and with this challenge in mind, it became extra motivating to embark on a training session – no matter the weather. Thank you so much for a nice, health-promoting challenge. (and yes, we beat MSIL!)

- Cesilie Skjervik, Management Accountant @ Motive Offshore Group

I took part in the Shire to Sharjah challenge as it gave me the motivation to exercise and to improve on my health, and the best part was I lost 9kg in doing so. Glad to have been a part of the challenge.

- Raymond Thomson, Operator @ Motive Offshore Group

The Shire to Sharjah challenge was just what I needed during lockdown. It made me get outside and walk distances I haven’t done in so long. It was rewarding doing this with my colleagues and watching their progress on Strava. It was definitely a team bonding event, even though we couldn’t physically do it together.

- Kerry Scott, HSEQ & HR Manager @ Motive Offshore Group

Massive well done to all!