Motive Spooling and Inspection breaks into new overseas markets

28 FEBRUARY 2018

Motive Spooling and Inspection, part of the Motive Offshore Group, based in Dyce Aberdeen have witnessed phenomenal growth since launching a little over a year ago.

Securing over a £1m of contracts on home soil within their first 6 months, the company is continuing to build momentum entering new overseas markets.

Spooler changing out crane wire Norway AR sml

Successfully establishing a strong UK client base that placed their faith and confidence in the young company with long-term asset servicing agreements, the Motive Spooling and Inspection Team are scaling up their global operations. Following significant investment developing business in Brazil, they now have a strong presence there and a long-term project contract secured.

This year will also see the formation of a new working partnership with Bridon-Bekaert, enabling the global leader in the manufacture of wire rope solutions to expand their portfolio offering to include Motive’s wire rope inspection and installation services and expertise.

Although busy building up the business, Motive Spooling and Inspection have been shrewd in continual investment in their fleet and equipment along the way, with additions such as wire rope testing MRT equipment (capable of testing rope up to 122mm diameter); Non-Destructive Testing equipment; various air winches; a 60Te Traction Winch and a 350Te Spooler, Motive’s biggest spooler to date which has already completed its first job for a key client in the Middle East.

2018 is going to be another exciting year for us. We are very happy to be forming a working partnership with Bridon-Bekaert, with whom we have a long-standing association and are looking forward to working together more closely.

- Ally Forbes, Manager at Motive Spooling and Inspection

As well as a commitment to using the best equipment and technologies, the Management Team at Motive Spooling and Inspection firmly believe in putting their people first. The investments made to shape the company carry throughout to every aspect, for example ensuring Offshore Technicians have good quality kit for going away and will have everything they need on a trip.

By investing in continual training for our people we ensure they are the best at what they do. We are proud to have a great team here who work hard and can always be relied on to do a good job in representing Motive Spooling and Inspection. We are looking forward to welcoming additional experienced personnel this year as demand increases.

- Ally Forbes, Manager at Motive Spooling and Inspection

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