Motive Offshore Group invests £1.7m in specialist fleet

16 MARCH 2018

Regardless of ongoing challenges presented by the oil and gas industry, Motive Offshore recognises the importance of sustaining a competitive portfolio. Even when things get tough, Motive is committed to investing time and money to grow their fleet, guaranteeing the range on offer is meeting demand and presenting clients with a host of choices.

Despite 2017 proving a busy year for bespoke manufacturing projects for clients, Motive Directors Dave Acton and James Gregg ensured a plan was in place to safeguard time for work on new rental fleet additions.

This paid off as time well spent, with no less than 22 items added to the Motive fleet throughout the year. Most notably this included the biggest Spooler (350Te) built by Motive to date, currently en-route to Brazil for a long-term project.

350 Te Spooler Motive Base Boyndie

Many key additions were built for specific client projects during 2017 including:-

  • Three deck cranes - two knuckle boom and a fixed boom, perfect for harsher marine environments
  • A powerhouse of hydraulic power units, including a diesel unit delivering 1.4mW - the largest manufactured in Motive history so far - and a 480kW electric powered unit
  • One 200Te, two 75Te and various 6Te Spooling Winches for the Spooling and Inspection division
  • a 60Te Traction Winch designed for installing steel wire ropes up to 160mm diameter
  • Several space saving stackable 7.5m subsea baskets, suitable for any type of debris recovery
1 4m W Diesel HPU 1

Being bold in our fleet expansion plans has paid off and we’re really proud of the extent of our offering today. Motive is well known for our abilities in fast turnarounds and this proactive investment in the future ensures we remain ready and able to meet client demands in often time-critical situations.

- James Gregg, Sales and Operations Director at Motive Offshore

The successful completion of any major project is the result of effective team work and collaboration to get the job done – something the Motive Team excels at.