Motive gets behind Scottish Apprenticeship week

04 MARCH 2019

Motive gets behind Scottish Apprenticeship week

Motive has always been committed to supporting young people into the industry, with Directors Dave and James both starting out their careers as Apprentices.

We are proud to get behind Scottish Apprenticeship week 4-8 March 2019 and currently have two fantastic Apprenticeship opportunities within our Hydraulics Team and Machine Shop.

We asked one employee about their apprenticeship experience at Motive - Iain Barber joined the Motive FZC team in the UAE during 2017/18.

Iain Barber FZC edit

What was the background to your starting with Motive FZC?

My motivation for joining Motive FZC was to gain working experience within a reputable workplace. I wanted experience of working in an industry I found interesting, within a professional atmosphere.

What were your main duties at Motive FZC?

My first internship with Motive FZC mainly involved assisting with admin duties. This included general filing work and book keeping.

On my second year my main duties were assisting in the maintenance of the equipment. This involved preparing kit for upcoming jobs so it was ready to mobilise. I also helped with general maintenance to ensure the upkeep of equipment in storage.

How did you find living and working in the UAE?

Living in the UAE initially takes time to adapt, especially around the variety of different cultures and the difference in environment. I adapted to the changes quite quickly, apart from the weather conditions which was the biggest difference for me. This was due to the majority of my work being outside and the time of year I was in the UAE. This is easily compensated for though as they have labour bans during certain months to allow you to still work effectively.

Describe a typical day for you at Motive FZC.

During my first year with Motive FZC a typical day for myself would be working in the office space with Eddie and Eloisa. I would assist them with any work they needed done, mainly filing and tasks such as quotations and invoices.

During my second year with Motive FZC I worked alongside Daniel and Chris. This involved us working on equipment to ensure everything remained well maintained and keeping the yard in good order. When Motive FZC obtained their new office and storage warehouse, we worked together to prepare the warehouse into a working yard.

What was your favourite thing about working at Motive FZC?

My favourite thing about being at Motive FZC was the working atmosphere. I came into Motive not having had any experience of the industry, but everyone in the team supported me, giving me the best opportunity to learn. I felt like I could easily approach anyone if I had any concerns which made my working experience really beneficial and enjoyable.

What has been the best thing you have learned during your time at Motive?

The best thing I learned is how to effectively work within a team. Motive seem to heavily concentrate on team work and the importance of working together. This was well taught during my internship and allowed me to work more productively.

Has anything surprised you about the work / experience?

The only thing that surprised me was how easy it was to fit in. I thought it might have taken me a while, but I instantly felt part of the team.

What has been your proudest moment/achievement since joining Motive?

My proudest moment would be feeling like I’ve gained industry knowledge which enabled me to add more contribution to tasks.

What were the Motive FZC team like to work with?

The Motive Team were really great to work with. I felt like I could approach anyone in the team if I had any concerns and not feel embarrassed. Everyone in the team look out for each other which helps complete tasks effectively. Knowing the team were so approachable made it a very enjoyable working environment.

What 3 words best describe your Motive experience?

Eye-opening, Challenging and Rewarding

What would you like to be doing in your career eventually?

I’m not 100% sure what industry I would like to be working in, but I would like to be working within the marketing/management side of the chosen industry.

What advice would you give to another young person considering an apprenticeship within the marine engineering/subsea industry?

I would definitely encourage them to give it a go if the opportunity arises. From my experience, I have learnt a lot of good work skills and life skills. If I hadn’t had this opportunity then I probably wouldn’t have been swayed towards the subsea industry, but now I would really consider it.