Motive strikes six-figure deal with Briggs Marine, optimising future offshore operations

09 MAY 2024

Bespoke integrated 300Te Spooling Winch package will deliver operational versatility and agile mobilisation capabilities for future Renewable projects

Motive has secured a six-figure contract with Briggs Marine, a leading provider of marine and environmental services, to design and manufacture a 300Te spooler package. The new equipment will allow Briggs Marine to future-proof its planned operations with the spooler set to be deployed across eight UK renewable projects within the next two years.

300 Te Spooling Winch 7062

Pictured: A previous 300Te Spooling Winch build by Motive

An integrated solution with efficient transportation benefits

Briggs Marine required a robust integrated solution that could be safely transported via road and withstand 300Te of cable for installation across UK offshore cable infrastructure projects. Motive's collaborative approach led to the recommendation of a bespoke spooler design, deviating from a conventional reel drive system. This yielded significant time and cost savings, including a reduction in carbon emissions from transportation. By opting for a spooler, Motive reduced the number of trucks required for transportation, down from 10 to 3.

As part of the contract, Motive will design a fully specialised package including the manufacture of a spooling winch and level wind, which will be controlled via one system, minimising personnel requirements. It will also supply a control cabin that provides an emergency stop option for the optimum safety of personnel during operations in harsh offshore conditions. Furthermore, to support with safe mobilisation and the sharing of skills between the two businesses, Briggs Marine will have access to Motive’s training facilities in Boyndie, Banff.

Ben Gray
, Area Manager, North East of England at Motive Offshore Group, comments:

This win underscores the trusted partnership we maintain with Briggs Marine and our unwavering dedication to innovation. While initially considering a reel drive system, our collaborative efforts led us to propose an integrated spooler option. This alternative not only augments operational flexibility but also optimises mobilisation processes, resulting in substantial cost and time efficiencies. Delivering such an impactful solution reaffirms our dedication to shaping the future of our clients’ businesses. It's moments like these that remind us why we do what we do.

Craig English, Renewable, Subsea & Environmental Services Director at Briggs Marine, added:

This is an important addition to the Briggs subsea cable equipment fleet, which builds upon our success as the UK’s leading provider of Subsea Power cable repair, replacement and maintenance services. As a UK company with headquarters in Scotland, it’s exciting to be in a position to invest in Scotland for bespoke high-quality engineering and manufacturing products with Motive.

Briggs Marine is a leading provider of marine and environmental services, specialising in port and marine operations, subsea and environmental support and vessel charter. The family-owned and operated company has over 50 years’ experience in offering clients’ comprehensive solutions to minimise risk exposure and gain competitive edge. By leveraging its successful track record across the full spectrum of marine operations, Briggs Marine enables its customers to focus on and achieve their own strategic goals.