Umbilical Reelers

We offer a comprehensive line of reels with integrated power packs for holding hoses or flexible products.

Umbilical Reels can be modified to meet project-specific requirements, for example to include multicore rotary couplings and electric slip rings and meet the required radius specifications.

Remote control and spooling gear functions allow clients to limit the number of required personnel and reduce personnel proximity to live products during spooling operations.

Pt 265 Hydraulic Powered Hose Reel 320X220

Hydraulic Powered Hose Reel

Max. Hydraulic Pressure - 210 bar
Max. Pull on full reel - 17364 N (1770kg)
Max. Pull on empty reel - 36.465 N (3718kg)
Dimensions - 2360 x 2240 x 2320 (mm)
Weight - 4500kg

Pt 286 Hydraulic Powered Hose Reel With Integrated Power Pack 320X213

Hydraulic Powered Hose Reel with integrated HPU

Max. Hydraulic Pressure - 115 bar
Max Pull on full reel - 7550 N (769.8kg)
Max. Pull on empty reel - 14470 N (1475.5kg)
Dimensions - 3280 x 2070 x 2350 (mm)
Weight - 2300kg