Tagging Towers

We offer a range of tagging towers manufactured for rental and sale.

What is a Tagging Tower?

Motive Tagging Towers are generally designed to be used for a range of applications predominately for diverting wire ropes. These can be made available with interchangeable sheaves based on the wire diameter. The tagging tower consist of a fixed lower entry sheave and a top swivel head to suit various wire exit routes and free align with the firing line. Contact us for project specific requirements.

All supplied Tagging Towers are fully tested in house prior to delivery.

Motive Offshore Tagging Towers are suitable for:

  • Wire rope re-routing

Motive Offshore Tagging Towers features include:

  • Unit fitted with 4 leg wire rope sling set for easy lifting.
  • Meet BS EN 12079 standards
  • Standard operating temperature range is -20ᵒC - +40ᵒC
  • CE compliant

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20 Te Wll Tagging Tower

Tagging Tower

Dimensions - 3980mm x 2840mm x 4791mm
Rated Capacity - 20Te
Gross Weight - 8500 Kgs
Lifting Arrangement - 4 point lifting
Forklift Pockets - Yes