Renewable Hybrid Power Container

Fully integrated, modular system

What is a Renewable Hybrid Power Container?

Motive Renewable Energy Hybrid Systems have been developed with the offshore and marine sector in mind, but our products are also suitable for onshore applications.

Specialising in off-grid power systems as an alternative to diesel generators, we can deliver effective solutions to lower carbon emissions and off-set diesel/fossil fuel costs across projects worldwide. The Power container operates as a mini-grid, comprising multiple renewable energy technologies to ensure the availability of energy, day and night.

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Powered by wind and sun, our containerised power system is an ideal solution for:

  • unmanned oil & gas platforms
  • lighthouses & port services
  • coastal & marine applications
  • decommissioning & abandonment projects
  • temporary, back up or emergency power

Mobile and transportable hybrid power systems are also a practical means of supplying remote access sites with renewable energy for utility, disaster relief, telecoms, remote communities and the expansion of existing Mini-Grids in areas where mains electricity is not available.

Each container is designed based on specific project and client needs, with the systems sized appropriately to meet the energy profile and load demand of each application.

With renewable technologies, including small-scale wind turbines and solar photovoltaics (PV), the power container also combines all control systems, battery bank and remote monitoring within the fully integrated system. Additional technologies can be integrated at our clients request.

Motive offers a full turnkey package with system design, bespoke monitoring, factory acceptance testing and final commissioning at site via our own approved personnel.


  • Fully containerised for easy transportation, mobility and on-site integration
  • Wind turbine hydraulically controlled / foldable solar array
  • ATEX approved (for Zone 2 environments)
  • Data logging & monitoring interface housed internally
  • Modular - can be inter-linked with multiple power systems to expand power generation
  • Gell Cell Battery as standard (Lithium Ion available on request)
  • 2-year service inspection intervals
  • 25 year design life
  • *96% OPEX reduction

Tried & Tested

The Motive range of Renewable Energy Power Containers utilise small scale wind turbines and marinised solar pv panels that have been successfully deployed in the North Sea for over 18 years.

Specifically designed for the harsh weather environments experienced offshore, all integrated technologies are fully marinised and capable of withstanding extreme gusts and storm conditions.

The systems are available in two variants: Marine Environments and Zone 2 (Hazardous Environments), with full ATEX approval.

*96% OPEX reduction demonstrated on North Sea Hybrid Installations.

Make an enquiry

Contact Gavin Kerr, Motive Off-Grid Power Specialist to find out more or arrange a demo visit / trial:

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Container 02 Sml

Fully Integrated Containerised System

- Ease of Transportation
- Rapidly deployable onshore and offshore
- Hydraulic and Foldable Wind & Solar PV
- Fully Marinised Renewable Technologies
- DNV Certification (on request)

Container 03

Internal Battery & Control Room

- Fully encapsulated control systems*
- Integrated battery and ancillaries
- Battery sized to match load demand (kW)
- Store for spare parts and tooling
- *applies to ATEX systems


System Design & Monitoring

- Full performance and load monitoring
- Tailored dashboard for all applications
- Alarms, sensors and weather monitoring
- Easily interfaced with existing systems
- Autonomous remote device management

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