Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

We offer a range of electric and diesel hydraulic power units manufactured for rental and sale.

What is a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)?

Designed to provide power to hydraulic driven machinery, Hydraulic Power Units are available in both electric and diesel models and are suitable for Safe Area and Zone 2 applications accordingly.

Motive Offshore Hydraulic Power Units are suitable for:

  • Safe Area HPUs can be used for a variety of Safe Area applications
  • Zone 1 / Zone 2 HPUs are CE compliant / ATEX approved

Motive Offshore Hydraulic Power Unit features include:

  • Standard operating range is -20°C to +40°C
  • All HPUs are fitted with forklift pockets and 4 leg wire rope sling set for easy lifting
  • Factory Acceptance Testing: Control System functions test, hydraulic pressure test and hydraulic cleanliness certification to NAS 6 Standard A
  • All components are housed within compact crash frames
  • Units comply with relevant regulations and directives, including DNV 2.7-1

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