Hydraulic Coilers

We offer a range of hydraulic coilers manufactured for rental and sale.

What is a Hydraulic Coiler?

A hydraulic coiler is used for winding and unwinding various sized wire ropes into a coil. The coiler has removable core posts and forklift channels to allow the safe and easy removal of wire rope and has a self-contained power unit to power the turntable.  

Motive Offshore Hydraulic Coilers are suitable for:

  • Coiling, uncoiling of umbilical piping and hoses

Motive Offshore Hydraulic Coiler features include:

  • Removable core posts and protective guards fitted 
  • Self contained power unit
  • Forklift channels fitted to the top flange 
  • Standard operating temperature range is -20ᵒC to +40ᵒC

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5 Te Wll Hydraulic Coiler

5Te WLL Hydraulic Coiler

Dimensions - 2420mm x 2800mm x 2858mm
Rated Capacity - 5Te
Gross Weight - 5,000 Kgs
Lifting Arrangement - 4 point lifting
Forklift Pockets - Yes