Staff Stories: Cesilie Skjervik

01 OCTOBER 2020

Staff Stories: Cesilie Skjervik

Cesilie Skjervik - Management Accountant

Cesilie began her working career at 12 years old picking strawberries outside Bergen, ever since she has always worked part or full time, alongside her studies.

With a varied working background that has included cleaning offices, telemarketing, and working as an Assistant Nurse in a psychiatric hospital, the majority of Cesilie’s career has been spent within the Accountancy and Finance sector.

Joining Motive AS in Norway during January 2020, Cesilie brought substantial experience and knowledge, most recently from a role where she held sole responsibility for payroll and accounting.

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I started shortly after Motive had acquisitioned Pumptech, initially as a hired consultant one day a week, but after a time I was offered the position of Management Accountant. This role involved a lot of responsibility, but also gave freedom and flexibility.

- Cesilie Skjervik, Management Accountant

Cesilie has always remained very focused on her professional development, continually developing her skills, accomplishing a degree in Business Economics, as well as various qualifications in Project Management and general Management disciplines.

I was excited about joining Motive Offshore Group as I could immediately see it was an organisation with great potential for growth and development. The company has a strong focus on renewables which I believe is extremely important - that is the future. Every day I work alongside a lot of skilled and decent colleagues which makes the working day bright.

- Cesilie Skjervik, Management Accountant

A typical day for Cesilie at Motive AS is processing the management accounts and payroll in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations to ensure the smooth running of our Norway finance department:

I collaborate with the auditor in connection with the annual settlement and its preparation. I am also responsible for paying taxes and fees, as well as salaries. I have weekly meetings and work in close collaboration with the wider finance team across the Motive Group. They are a nice bunch to cooperate and work with. Even though I have repetitive work tasks, still no two days are the same in Motive.

- Cesilie Skjervik, Management Accountant

Outside of Motive Cesilie loves walking in the mountains, running, and reading, and if she ever needs more excitement she also has motorcyle and diving certificates.

What would Cesilie say to anyone considering working for Motive?

“Welcome. If you are hardworking, 'down to earth' and have a good sense of humour, you will fit right in!”

A friendly face in Norway, Cesilie worked with us for a period of time as a contractor and her enthusiasm was infectious - when we decided to take on a full-time finance resource in-country she was the obvious choice.

Over the year she has been with us, Cesilie has broadened her skill-set into our way of business as well as using her knowledge and experience to make sure everything is done on time and in order.

Cesilie is driven, hard-working, and a key member of Motive AS.

- Ryan Thomson, Regional Manager (Scandinavia)