Motive provides 200Te Spooler Reel Package for DeepOcean

Motive was commissioned by valued client DeepOcean to provide a solution to recover a product subsea.

Motive’s technical solution was a 200Te Spooling Winch complete with custom manufactured reel that had the required core diameter of 2.8mtr to accommodate the minimum bend radius of the product to be recovered.

With this in mind Motive Engineering’s in-house design team fully engineered a suitable reel for manufacture, from raw steel through to the end product.

Additional products and services to complement this project included:

  • Reel Lifting Arrangement
  • 10Te Winch
  • Personnel to commission and install the equipment
  • Transportation of equipment directly to clients’ mobilisation site
200Te Spooling Winch For DeepOcean

The reel was designed, manufactured and loaded out within just 7 days, highlighting Motive’s short lead time capabilities. This project demonstrated Motive’s ease and ability to provide a viable solution and working expertly to bring the project from concept to reality within a very limited timeframe.

“Happy with the service. Motive takes a very proactive approach to business.”

Carlo Bezzi, Lead Project Engineer, DeepOcean
Mobilisation of 200Te Spooling Winch For DeepOcean