Case study: collaborative working - the key to effective project execution.

Every once in a while, a thoroughly enjoyable project comes along. This was the case when Magma Global contracted Flowline Specialists/Motive Offshore Group to supply a Linear Cable Engine, Turntable, Pallet and 5 Multi-disciplined Personnel to form part of a project they were delivering for end-client: Deep Sea Development Services Inc. (DSDS).

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The project came at a time when the Flowline and Motive teams were naturalising as one team, following Motive Group’s acquisition of the former at the end of 2020. It provided an excellent demonstration of how the individual teams worked brilliantly together as one, to achieve the desired outcomes.

Stakes were high as this project would see Magma deliver the world’s first high-pressure, high temperature composite riser pipe for use as a flexible riser connection for HWCG’s rapid deployment emergency well containment system, situated on the Gulf of Mexico.

The project presented many challenges and risks, so required high levels of expertise and planning, particularly around transpooling operations.

The Challenge

Flowline/Motive were contracted to not only supply equipment, but also perform the transpooling of the Magma-owned product.

The biggest issue was the sheer size of the product involved. A large O/D product with a significant minimum bend radius (MBR), and weighing in at around 5Te, there were additional challenges due to the rigidity of the product, and how it could be safely packed and secured down on a free-issue pallet.

Due to these considerations the transpooling operation required support at every level and detailed risk assessment.

Following consultation and a site visit by Flowline/Motive Lead Operators to analyse risk and plan how operations could best be executed, a suitable route was mapped for the spooling operations to take place on-site at Magma Global in Portsmouth.

It was determined the product could be positioned around the entire facility, finally leading into the car park where the pallet was situated.

Subsequent hazard and operability (HAZOP) meetings ensured all QHSE matters were addressed, and a solid plan was in place.

The Solution

It transpired that the proposed free-issue pallet was not quite wide enough. The largest pallet held in stock by Motive was made suitable following some comprehensive adjustments.

It was also identified that the standard sized posts on the pallet would not be high enough to accommodate the product once fully spooled. This resulted in the posts being redesigned by DSDS and manufactured by a local fabricator. Special consideration was necessary as the new posts had to almost double in height.

Due to the stiffness of the product, it had to be spooled with up to 2Te back-tension to enable bending without the risk of it trying to straighten out and springing back. This was achieved by having a 2Te Hydraulic Winch in place for holding, whilst a Linear Cable Engine helped reduce some of the back-tension.

Some additional modifications included clump weights being secured to the turntable to mitigate the level of tension whilst transpooling the product on, and small extension pieces helped accommodate the products slightly larger MBR compared to the pallet, mitigating any risk of malfunction during operations, or potential damage to the product.

It’s all too easy to get caught up with the difficulties encountered on a project, with not enough time spent celebrating how well issues can be overcome with open collaboration and team-work. This job presented many challenges, but the entire team were exceptional to work with and their welcome approach in us being fully involved from the outset, along with the freedom to be fully proactive throughout the project, allowed Motive to demonstrate our expertise and capabilities to their fullest. It was a genuine pleasure to be part of this experience.

Ben Gray, Technical Sales Manager @ Motive Offshore Group

The project was completed with loadout to the vessel by Magma Global during April 2021. Working closely with all parties concerned, we were able to deliver customised, unique solutions that executed the job perfectly, resulting in a very successful outcome for all.