480kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) for Micron Eagle Ltd

With in-house design capabilities and skilled, experienced personnel, Motive Engineering offers bespoke fabrication solutions to a wide variety of clients, not just in the offshore oil & gas and renewables industries.

A recent bespoke, and more unusual project, saw Motive Engineering requested to support client Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd in the supply of Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) to power the testing of a new ride for a theme park in the USA.

Motive Engineering undertook the custom build of a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that would complement and match the capability of Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd’s own unit, together delivering almost 1 megawatt of hydraulic power.

Bespoke client manufacturing

Motive built a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) comprising of three motor pump sets and a custom-designed reservoir, capable of working at optimal levels in extreme temperatures. The unit includes an offline hydraulic oil filtration system to ensure hydraulic oil cleanliness to protect the client hydraulic system.

Our client prepared a technical specification document outlining their requirements for a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), which included performance data that the power unit had to reach or exceed.

The Motive 480kW Electric Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) houses its hydraulic reservoir, filters, motor and pump assembly within a compact crash frame to ensure all internal components are kept safe from damage during transit and operation.

Working expertly together the two companies fulfilled a very impressive turnaround of just 4 weeks from PO placement to delivery.

“Motive Offshore provided an excellent service to Micron Eagle Hydraulics, meeting an extremely stringent manufacturing deadline. The project was completed successfully, and we look forward to working with Motive Offshore in the future."

Mark Burnett, Business Development Manager, Micron Eagle Hydraulics Ltd