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HSEQ Policy

Motive Offshore Group Ltd designs, manufactures and builds high quality marine equipment and provides associated installation, maintenance and inspection services to the onshore and offshore oil & gas and marine industries.  Motive Offshore Group Ltd  also supply and install Wind Turbines and Solar PV arrays suitable for onshore and offshore applications.

The principle aim of Motive Offshore Group Ltd is to ensure risks are identified, controlled and communicated in all areas of our business, with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest level of equipment reliability and customer service with no personal injuries, no ill health, and no asset or environmental damage.

The Board of Directors will set clear and measurable objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement in health, safety, environmental and the quality of our equipment and service delivery.

In order to implement these objectives, Motive Offshore Group Ltd will:

This HSEQ Policy will be communicated to all personnel and any other interested party and will be regularly reviewed to ensure on-going suitability.